“It’s just yelling!” By appropriating this pejorative term to designate saturated singing, Gueuleuses (which could be translated by Loudmouths) highlights the work of (almost!) all women as well as non-binary and gender fluid people who scream, growl and fry. The non-profit site proudly lists their bands across eras, countries and musical genres.

A diversity of gueuleuses:

Who sing solo, in duet, in back vocals. Who form a mixed choir! Who participate in one or a thousand musical projects. Who pursue careers spanning decades or who were part of a single group for the duration of a recording. Who started screaming from their early childhood or in their golden years. Who sang in self-managed squats or graced the biggest festival stages in the world. Who mixed growl with clean singing techniques. Who simply scream. Who have a background in classical singing or have learned through jams. Who were at the forefront in their styles, who innovated. Who sang out of social commitment. Or for pure pleasure!

Whoever they are, the site’s mission is to facilitate the discovery of their artistic work, to (re)discover their contribution to the history of local and international musical scenes.

Genesis Of The Project

The importance of highlighting the plurality of voices is at the very origin of Gueuleuses. As the instigator and researcher behind the project, Jolène Ruest, was herself looking for models when the offer of metal singing lessons was becoming a thing in her city. She wanted to draw inspiration from loudmouths to better understand her own voice.

Her curiosity for saturated vocal techniques led her to note down all her discoveries on a simple Excel sheet, then to produce a radio series of ten episodes entitled “Jolène jase de gueuleuses” on CISM. Episodes can be found in the Podcast section. Since this first broadcast, new groups have continued to be added to the list. And her Excel document inspired Sébastien Collin, then webmaster Sparta Grafixs, nostalgic for the specialized sites of the local punk scene which formed the music lover he became. This spontaneously launched idea came to fruition thanks to Spectacles Bonzaï, label and producer of the digital projects Salles Indépendantes and Aire Ouverte.


Content and communication – Jolène Ruest

Web development – Sparta Grafixs

Visual design – Arnopeople

Production – Spectacles Bonzaï