What is yelling?

Since the site lists both punk and metal groups, the saturated songs vary and leave room for a plural definition of shouting. The term encompasses techniques that are more instinctive (screams, howls) to more refined (growl, fry and its derivatives). Different aspects, such as projection or distortion in the voice, can be part of vocal singing without characterizing it.

How are the gueuleuses listed?

A gueuleuse is a person who identifies as a woman or has a trans identity who uses one or more techniques of saturated singing. Although in French the feminine suffix of Gueuleuses seems restrictive, the repertoire aims first and foremost to highlight the artistic work of people who are marginalized in musical circles. Like any word in the language, its use and definition evolve and will evolve with use.

Unique vocal technique used or sometimes punctuating clean or operatic singing, spoken word or rap, shouting must be part of all or a good part of the songs on the same EP or album to be successful. register in the directory. Whether it requires a certain expertise or whether it is performed instinctively, shouting cannot be considered if it occurs too briefly on a single song in the artist’s entire body of work.

Although covers can be found in their discography or in their artistic practice, the selected loudmouths have produced, alone or in groups, original creations posted online. Filmed stage performances were favored over the video clip for the sake of clearly distinguishing the person shouting on the sound track, and support almost each file. The census being prioritized in the process in order to retain the greatest number, Gueuleuses kept certain audio and video recordings of varying quality.

Groups without audio or video have been archived if the singer or person on vocals is listed with evidence available on the internet for other projects and the shouting represents a unique or very important technique in their performance.

The information was collected on the internet and through collaborations close to the local Quebec scene. For first names or nicknames, essential to the creation of a file, the information was found on the internet, in the album credits or even, in a smaller number, was requested directly to the bands by email or by social media messaging systems.

At the request of the data subject, the record may be removed from the site. If certain data is incorrect or proves to be incorrect over time, we thank you for contacting us to correct the file.

For the sustainability and topicality of the site, new additions will be made periodically.


Facilitate the discovery of the artistic work of the gueuleuses and (re)discover their contribution to the history of local and international musical scenes, this mission adds an educational vocation to the site; consequently, authorizes the exercise of the right of fair use of photos:

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